North 26 at Millennium Hotel Faneuil Hall

31 08 2012

North 26 at Millennium Hotel, Faneuil Hall is one of Boston’s finest restaurants. I was mesmerized by the stunning interior design, captivated by the tones of hickory and dark walnut woodwork. Plenty of natural light to embrace nature in the atmosphere. I particularly could not get my eyes off diagonal lines of the table setting, totally eccentric!


I came into this naturalistic Boston restaurant for lunch during Restaurant Week 2012. I decided to skip dessert and order the light lunch version. For appetizers, the choices are: Summer Peach and Tomato Gazpacho, Cape Cod Clam Chowder or Grilled Caesar Wedge. For entree, the choices are: Grass Fed Burger, Pan Seared Cod or Eggplant Stack. I opted for the Cape Cod Clam Chowder and Grass Fed Burger.

The Cape Cod Clam Chowder was savory rich, drizzled with minced chives. With the pepper shaker, I cracked some pepper over the chowder using the coarse grind (There was a choice of coarse or fine). With each spoonful, you can taste the flavor of bacon along with plentiful bits of little neck clams. Definitely the best chowder I’ve had recently.

Grass Fed Burger

I opted for the grass fed burger because I was curious about the “grass fed” part of the burger. There were a choice a cheese but I skipped it because I am not a fan of cheeseburgers. I am a hamburger kind of gal! I was delighted to see the bun grilled to nice toastiness when the burger arrived before my eyes. The patty was six ounces which was perfect for my petite appetite. The grass fed burger was definitely juicy and tasty from the grill. Next to the burger was seasoned French Fries. The fries were crunchy and flavorful with the seasoning and ketchup.

Glass mini jar Condiments

Speaking of ketchup, the condiments were in cutie containers. If I didn’t need to use them, I would have took them with me!

Next time I’m near by, I will swing by North 26 to try the Kobe Beef Hot Dog.  It is served in my favorite bun – brioche!



Fiber by Oatmeal!

14 08 2012

Consuming fiber is very essential to healthy living. Of course, we can all pop pills and call it a day. Why go through the extra step when we can adjust our eating habits accordingly? We are what we eat, you know! I make a point every week to diversify and balance my eating habits so I hit the vitamins and nutrients that I need.

Oats is a good way to start off the day. Oatmeal itself has not much taste so I cook oats with milk and sugar instead of water and salt. Milk makes the body strong, right!? Calcium, Vitamin D and Fiber in one bowl.

Rest of the day, incorporate other foods rich in fiber to promote a healthy digestive tract. Fruits that are rich in fiber includes apple, oranges and strawberries. As for vegetables, beans, cauliflower and broccoli are rich in fiber.

Oat is a whole grain so it is high in fiber which is a great ingredient to add to your meals. Oat is very versatile. I personally like eating it as a cereal and oatmeal cookies as a snack. You can always add it to your salad or meatloaf to enhance the flavoring.

The health benefits to oats (whole grain):

  • Lowers the risk of developing heart disease
  • Promotes satiety, which is important for weight management
  • Promotes a healthy digestive system
  • Lowers the risk of developing several types of cancer such as colon, stomach and prostate
  • Promotes healthy blood pressure