The Burger Shack

24 10 2012

As I ventured in the URI area, I stumbled upon a plaza of eateries. After walking through, the verdict was to try The Burger Shack down in Kingston, Rhode Island.

Neat little self service burger joint with Chalk Board style menu above the ordering counter. Besides burgers, there are other options such as wrap and salad. They have a soda fountain and bottled water as beverage choices. All their burgers comes with fries.

This joint is rather pricey for self serve. $6.99 for a hamburger. They use shredded lettuce for the burgers which I thought was weird. At least, it tasted good from the grill. Since the price included fries, does that justify that fries doesn’t have to be fresh? The french fries was basically room temperature. I ate one piece and that was the end of that.

Finished my food and tossed out the trash to end my journey in Kingston, RI. The Burger Shack is a tad cheaper and better than Five Guys Burgers and Fries.


North 26 at Millennium Hotel Faneuil Hall

31 08 2012

North 26 at Millennium Hotel, Faneuil Hall is one of Boston’s finest restaurants. I was mesmerized by the stunning interior design, captivated by the tones of hickory and dark walnut woodwork. Plenty of natural light to embrace nature in the atmosphere. I particularly could not get my eyes off diagonal lines of the table setting, totally eccentric!


I came into this naturalistic Boston restaurant for lunch during Restaurant Week 2012. I decided to skip dessert and order the light lunch version. For appetizers, the choices are: Summer Peach and Tomato Gazpacho, Cape Cod Clam Chowder or Grilled Caesar Wedge. For entree, the choices are: Grass Fed Burger, Pan Seared Cod or Eggplant Stack. I opted for the Cape Cod Clam Chowder and Grass Fed Burger.

The Cape Cod Clam Chowder was savory rich, drizzled with minced chives. With the pepper shaker, I cracked some pepper over the chowder using the coarse grind (There was a choice of coarse or fine). With each spoonful, you can taste the flavor of bacon along with plentiful bits of little neck clams. Definitely the best chowder I’ve had recently.

Grass Fed Burger

I opted for the grass fed burger because I was curious about the “grass fed” part of the burger. There were a choice a cheese but I skipped it because I am not a fan of cheeseburgers. I am a hamburger kind of gal! I was delighted to see the bun grilled to nice toastiness when the burger arrived before my eyes. The patty was six ounces which was perfect for my petite appetite. The grass fed burger was definitely juicy and tasty from the grill. Next to the burger was seasoned French Fries. The fries were crunchy and flavorful with the seasoning and ketchup.

Glass mini jar Condiments

Speaking of ketchup, the condiments were in cutie containers. If I didn’t need to use them, I would have took them with me!

Next time I’m near by, I will swing by North 26 to try the Kobe Beef Hot Dog.  It is served in my favorite bun – brioche!


Abby Park, A Modern American Cuisine

12 01 2011

I peeped in Abby Park a few times but never ventured inside this East Milton restaurant. I finally made my way in here only because Ichiro Sushi was closed for dinner. The decor is quite American – woody a flair of red ambiant lighting. You can definitely have an intimate dinner here. How intimate? Of course, that is up to you!

When I looked at the menu, I wanted to try so many things. I picked the Abby Park Burger since my friend said it looked tasty as he walked by the kitchen; and I haven’t had a $12 burger in a while. I topped my prime chuck burger with caramelized onions. It was a pretty good $12 burger.

We also ordered a couple appetizers to start off. The Frito Misto of Shrimp and Calamari was nicely flash fried. Tender and lightly batter without much grease when it’s served.  The other app we tried is the Carpaccio of Beef. They used lemon truffle dressing over the carpaccio. I still can’t decide if that thick dressing goes well with the beef. I love truffle but I think it was a bit too overpowering because it just masked all the beef flavor. I probably will stick with Abe & Louie’s when I have a beef carpaccio craving.

If service makes a difference in your dining experience, this is a place to be. Even the managers were helping running food!  Our server was attentive. He was around to fill our still water. He has pretty good time management and was friendly. Made sure we finished the first course before presenting the second course. He was right on the dime on keeping the table clear.

For those with gluten allergies, Abby Park does have a gluten free menu and parking in the rear of the building.

Stars on Hingham Harbor

18 07 2010

Stars on the Hingham Harbor was recommended to me. He said the burgers here are the BEST he ever had! I am a bit skeptical since it only has 3 stars on Yelp.

I love burgers and because someone said that, I must go try. I can already imagine a juicy, flavorful burger with a toasted sweet bun in my mouth. ahhh.. yummmmm!!! Wednesday is the my hot lunch date with Mr. Burger. Maybe will take a stroll with him by the harbor after since it will be a sunny, pleasant day.