Scorpion Bowl Recipe for the Hong Kong

23 07 2010

So I had the leisure to come across the scorpion bowl recipe for the Hong Kong (Cambridge, Ma location) on public domain.

Scorpion BowlLite vodka
lite dark rum
light white rum
lite gin
triple sec
burgundy wine

Mix with pineapple juice, orange juice and sour mix/ lemon mix.

Parts? Go figure.


Arnold Palmer

17 07 2010

Arnold Palmer

Arizona Arnold Palmer

I woke up to a bit of dehydration. I wonder why!? duh~

I grabbed a can of Arizona Arnold Palmer out of the case. It’s a cool can! Did you know that Arnold Palmer is a golfer? I sure didn’t till I read the can. It also states that it revives the senses after a competitive round of golf.

When I bought the case at BJ’s, I did not realize that it was Lite. I was so ready to be¬†dissatisfied with the taste of lite beverages. Oddly, after the first sip… WOW, this taste like a calorie loaded beverage! I love you, Arnold Palmer!

Arizona makes the best Arnold Palmer.. even when it’s the Lite version!