The Best Little Restaurant

12 02 2011

I never knew 一定好 is called The Best Little Restaurant till right now. This is definitely a hole in the wall in Boston’s Chinatown. I don’t know how “Little” this place is since it does have 2 floors.

My usual here are the spareribs with garlic & minced pork and strings bean lettuce wrap. I do wish that they would actually cut the lettuce to a formation like a cup so it’s easier and less messy to eat. Next time I come here, I need to bring a pair of scissors with me so I can eat more like a lady.

Worth noting is that they give free house soup and house appetizer. Guess what the house app is! Salty Chicken feet! I love chicken feet; but this wasn’t that tasty. I wont fight you for the chicken feet here.

I used to love the empress chicken here. It’s not just the same anymore. I am in search for good empress chicken in Chinatown Boston.