Wasabi Modern Japanese Cuisine

3 09 2012

ImageIf you like a unique environment, maybe, Wasabi Modern Japanese Cuisine will captivate you. As I was shopping at South Shore Plaza in Braintree Ma, I noticed Wasabi underneath the escalator. I stopped by for a bite and to check out the quality and prices.

The service was spotty. I sat down for 5 minutes and no server came to me so I turned around and asked for a Coke. I read thru the menu which mentioned that I can place an order with the server if I don’t see what I want on the conveyor belt.

ImageThe sushi conveyor belt basically had the same 5 nigiri and maki going around and around so not that interesting. For value, the salmon avocado maki was definitely better than salmon nigiri. The maki costs fifty cents more and felt like more salmon. The fish on nigiri is thinly sliced over a ball of rice. I also had an eel and avocado maki. The eel was not meaty at all. After having two makimonos and one nigiri, my conclusion is that the texture at Wasabi Modern Japanese Cuisine is too mooshy.

For the price, I wasn’t expecting superb quality. I can’t think of anywhere else I can get an eel avocado maki for $3.50! In that aspect, if I want to have mouth watering sushi, I should dine else where. For bargain maki, this is the place to be.


Johnny Rockets Got Me Rocketing to Water Fountain

9 08 2010

If you need sodium, like tons of it, go to Johnny Rockets and order a chili. Their chili is sodium packed.

For less than $4 for a bowl of chili, I thought was an OK deal till I actually saw it. I’m sorry but that size is a cup size every where else. At most, it was 6 ounces. At least they offered me the option of cheese and onions.

It took me less than 5 minutes to finish the dinky bowl of chili. Indeed, size is subjective. No wonder why it was less than $4!  It was indeed the worst bowl of chili I ever had; but I still finished it.