Playing after eating Pho

1 08 2010

Just because he said that I am not going to be able to balance the soup spoon over a crossed pair of chopsticks. I was determined to succeed in balancing the spoon. It was a bit off centered but I managed!

Again, I was stuffed from a small pho. This time there was 4 slices of beef instead of 3. I’m so confused if it’s suppose to be 3 or 4 at Pho So 1. There wasn’t any Tong Ho tonight either; but they did put raw onions on the raw beef this time. I guess it’s “whateva goes” for Vietnamese food!


My Favorite Pho Restaurant

24 07 2010

Pho So 1 - Raw Beef

Raw Beef

Pho So 1 in Randolph, Ma is my favorite for pho. I usually order the Rare Steak and Beef Tendon Pho with the beef on the side. Pho is most certainly my favorite Vietnamese entrée. What makes this Vietnamese restaurant my favorite is that the beef is very fresh and not oxidized. That’s crucial because I eat it raw.

Pho So 1 - Pho


The beef pho soup is excellent as well. They don’t go overboard with the MSG so you can actually taste the beef and spices. This is probably the only place where I would slurp on the soup and forget about the tea. As for the tendon, it’s soft and flavorful. What’s even better? Besides from basil, they provide tong ho! I certainly don’t know any other place in recent memory that would give away tong ho.

With ample parking, how can I so no to this pho place when I’m visiting pals in this area?

Two thumbs up!