Umami Asian Fusion

18 12 2010

Doesn’t it seem like Asian Fusion is trending? Here in Brookline, there’s Umami that popped up I think this year. Certainly, this name is fitting. Umami – the fifth taste that is usually described in Asian foods.

I came here for a birthday dinner. We all never tried this out so it was an experience for all of us. I had a taste of the Sweet Potato Fries – Awesome!! It must had be yam!!!! The wings were pretty tasty as well – they must had marinated for at least a day or two since the meat itself was very flavored with umami.

Umami - Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean Sea Bass

For dinner, I decided on Chilean Sea Bass since you can’t really screw that up. I was definitely playing it safe. It was definitely very well created. It blended very well with the sweet potato pomme puree. Simmering the sea bass in sake and miso is definitely a wise choice for the palette. This dish really made me want to go get a bottle of sake and start experimenting further in my kitchen.

Umami - Beaconsfield


The mixed cocktails here are definitely worth a try as well. I tried the Beaconsfield and it was very very interesting. I already had an idea that it would taste like lavender since it has Absolut Boston in it.

I would definitely come back to Umami in Brookline Ma again and try the rest of the menu.


Buddakan, Buddachen.. no, Budda C!

11 08 2010

I dropped by tonite after class to pay this joint a visit. What was called Buddachen is now Budda C for obvious reasons.

Certainly, don’t expect impeccable service here. The price point is not balanced with the service level. Expect an average service with an above average price menu.

Braised Oxtail Tapas

Braised Oxtail Tapas

Tonight, I had a seaweed salad which is very difficult to ruin. After that, I had an Oxtail Tapas. The bread could be toasted a bit more so it does not soak up the juice and be all soggy. The flavor and texture of the meat was perfect so it made up for the imperfect carb.

Definitely not a place I would visit regularly. Just a for mere blue moon.

I want some Good, Cheap Sushi!

20 07 2010

Gari, a Japanese Fusion Restaurant located in Brookline MA, now offers maki rolls for $4.50 on Sundays! I’ve been there when it first opened – they do a pretty good job with their sushi.

M1. Avocado Maki
M1. Asparagus Maki
M1. Kappa Maki
M2. Mango Maki
M3. AAC Maki
M4. Triple A Maki
M5. Tempura Mushroom Maki
M6. Idaho Maki
M7. Tekka Maki
M8. Sake Maki
M9. Negi-Hama Maki
M10. Tuna & Avocado Maki
M11. Spicy Tuna Maki
M12. Spicy Salmon Maki
M13. Spicy Scallop Maki
M14. Alaskan Maki
M15. Kanikama Maki
M16. California Maki
M17. Mackerel Maki
M18. Tempura White Tuna Maki
M19. Philadelphia Maki
M20. Unagi Maki
M21. Shrimp & Avocado Maki
M22. Zee’s Maki
M23. Spicy Shrimp with Mango
M24. Crazy Maki
M25. Shrimp Tempura Maki
M26. King of California Maki
M27. Soft Shell Crab Maki
M28. Salmon Monster Jr. Maki