Seriously, Grilled Cheese?? At Dante!?

27 07 2010

I don’t know about you; but I haven’t had a grilled cheese sandwich since grade school! It wasn’t the deal that caught my eye. It was reading that Dante Italian Restaurant is serving Grilled Cheese every Tuesday after 5:30pm at the bar and lounge that caught my attention. The sandwich is only $2.

I would most certainly make a point to go into Cambridge and give the Grilled Cheese a try next time I have a free Tuesday! I already have it all planned in my head. Go to Dante at 4:30pm for the $1 oysters between 4-6.  (They have the $1 oyster deal everyday of the week.) Once 5:30 hits РGrilled Cheese please!!!! The Italian way!

Now, isn’t this better than a combo meal at McDonald’s!?


Scorpion Bowl Recipe for the Hong Kong

23 07 2010

So I had the leisure to come across the scorpion bowl recipe for the Hong Kong (Cambridge, Ma location) on public domain.

Scorpion BowlLite vodka
lite dark rum
light white rum
lite gin
triple sec
burgundy wine

Mix with pineapple juice, orange juice and sour mix/ lemon mix.

Parts? Go figure.

Smashing Crabs!

21 07 2010

Maryland Blue Crabs

Like smashing crabs!? Maryland blue crab season is from April-October. I love going to Baltimore or Annapolis to smash some crabs. Old Bay seasoning. Butter. Vinegar. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the time.. nor the money to make a trip to DC-Baltimore region.

My mouth started watering when Tupelo posted on it’s Facebook Fan Page that they are holding a Maryland blue crab festival starting tonight!

Do I want to trek down to Cambridge so I can hang at Southern Comfort Food Restaurant? Hmmmm.. Maybe you will see me there if the fashion show at District Lounge wont keep me in Boston too long!