16 07 2010


Enjoying my Coke while looking over the menu

I’ll start my first food post with my first hit yesterday – Masa in the South End. What enticed me to pay this tapas bar a visit is the 50 cents tapas between 5-7.

I went on Yelp to see what is the best route. It said Back Bay T station. As I walked the walk, I felt that I got cheated. I seriously think that it would’ve been much closer to get off at Tufts Medical T stop! Masa is located at the borderline of South End and Chinatown on Tremont across from Castle Court by where A&P used to be.

MASA - Sausage with cranberry

Sausage with cranberry - My favorite on the list

I was certainly glad to lay my butt on the bar seat from walking in the rain. I ordered a Coke to hydrate myself as I review the menu. 50 cents tapas is only applicable with the combo platter which serves 10 tapas. Each item is 1-3 bites, depending on how big your mouth is. I tend to like to cut up items into mini-bite size┬ápieces so it’s 3 bites for me.

I ordered 3 combo platters. No, it’s not all for me. I had two other friends that joined my venture. Along with my meal, I ordered a White Sangria because my friend did not want to drink alone. OMG, after taking a sip, all I could think of is – “IS this a SANGRIA?” Tasted nasty as crap. Where’s the sweetness? Where’s the wine taste? Maybe it’s just the Tex-Mex style!

The platter is a good tasting of what they have to offer. There are some items that I wouldn’t try again. I especially like the sausage. The pull pork spring roll was pretty good as well. ┬áSame goes for the meatball. Everything else, I didn’t really care for.

They chose to use lantern lights over the bar with gives it a unique touch. It sprung thoughts of the Colonial days. Too bad I’m not an equestrian else I’d horseback ride here instead of taking the T.