What’s so Special About Today?

15 08 2010

Moon Cake

Moon Cake

So.. What is so special about today? Today is August 15th which means there should be August Moon festivities going on in Chinatown. I don’t think I’ve been to those festivities for many years. Lion dances. Fashion shows. Booths. Games.

Since I was working all afternoon, I wasn’t able to attend the August Moon Festival. What is the significance of August Moon? Well back in the days when there were kings and dynasties, August Moon was to date a revolution. When the Mongolians destroyed the Song dynasty and ruled China during the Yuan dynasty, The Chinese were oppressed and treated like slaves. Eventually they planned a revolution by sending messages in mooncakes for the August Moon Festival in 1368. What was the message sent to all Chinese households? They were instructed to execute all Mongolians after the August Moon family gather and not to eat the mooncakes till the 15th of the 8th lunar moon.

I sure got that message hundreds of years later! I did buy a small package of mooncake the other day for today. I thought I try an atypical mooncake – ice skin mooncake. Green Tea, Red Bean and Yam. This was much tastier than the traditional mooncake. Goes down much better and lighter.


Chocolate Rewards!

14 08 2010

Yesterday was my first time stepping foot into Godiva. I’m such a huge chocolate fan as you all know! (ya, right) I stopped by to grab some chocolate for a of couple kids. The ice cream cone truffle is perfect for them. I just love cute lil things!

Godiva Rewards Club

Godiva Rewards Club

The sales associate asked if I would like to join their rewards club. Why would I? I don’t even like chocolate that much. Free piece of chocolate every month. Wooooo! Free gift each month I spend $10 or more.. Double Woooo. Yes, I got conned into joining. Strictly because I have this idea of using Godiva as buisness gifts.