Grand Chinatown Ain’t Pro

23 01 2012

Tonight was the last night the last meal at Grand Chinatown in North Quincy for me. My party was pretty pissed within the first few minutes upon arrival.

I was the first to arrive at Grand Chinatown and the hostess told me they are cleaning up the table for our reservation. My relatives trickled in shortly after. Before we knew it, I saw two people sitting at the table that decided to move themselves from another table they were sitting at while they waited for their party to complete. We confronted the hostess and she got the server to talk to that couple but they didn’t budge. The hostess went over there to explain it to them that we had a reservation and more people, still they didn’t budge. Of course, we got pissed and said that is not right. They told us that we can sit at the table that the couple orignally sat (which was smaller). We gave in and sat there cramped and there was not enough space for people to walk between tables by because of the additional chairs. The usual cart style clean up was a no no because there wasn’t enough space for it to roll.

This birthday/end of year meal just started off the wrong way. Aside from that, the food came out wicked slow. It took almost half hour for the first dish to come out. Each dish trickled out like a turtle was bringing it out. The dishes were mostly below decent. We had to send the sauteed fish back for a remake because it was too salty to eat. The chicken was not a live chicken so it wasn’t as tasty. My mom ripped apart the chicken head and said this head ain’t from this chicken so they can’t reuse to the chicken head. To the point, the set dinner tonight was totally unappetizing. About 1.5 hours for a Chinese communal dinner!?

This is the last time we’ll be holding a family dinner at Grand Chinatown. Next week, we’ll be going into Chinatown for Chinese New Year dinner.