The Best Little Restaurant

12 02 2011

I never knew 一定好 is called The Best Little Restaurant till right now. This is definitely a hole in the wall in Boston’s Chinatown. I don’t know how “Little” this place is since it does have 2 floors.

My usual here are the spareribs with garlic & minced pork and strings bean lettuce wrap. I do wish that they would actually cut the lettuce to a formation like a cup so it’s easier and less messy to eat. Next time I come here, I need to bring a pair of scissors with me so I can eat more like a lady.

Worth noting is that they give free house soup and house appetizer. Guess what the house app is! Salty Chicken feet! I love chicken feet; but this wasn’t that tasty. I wont fight you for the chicken feet here.

I used to love the empress chicken here. It’s not just the same anymore. I am in search for good empress chicken in Chinatown Boston.


Dumpling Cafe Inc

11 01 2011

I am committed to say that Dumpling Cafe on the edge of Chinatown is by far the worst Northern Chinese Restaurant in the Boston area. No wonder why they are dead during the dinner rush and there’s a line out the door at the Gourmet Dumpling House. It doesn’t really make that much sense since it’s the same owner. Maybe they don’t share recipes between the two?

You know how much I love 小籠包 (xiao long bao) and my gawd! I had to force myself to finish the one piece I had. My dinner mates said they mixed vinegar in the meat. I say, it’s spoiled. Come on, I’m already dipping the darn bao into a spoonful of vinegar! Get real!

The scallion pancake was too bleh. There is no layerness to it. I’m sorry I don’t know how else to describe what was missing! Not enough salt. Not enough scallion. The dough was too doughy.

The Hot and Sour soup had this weird stench to it. I couldn’t for the hell of me name that flavor. Not a welcoming flavor for sure.

The fried chicken was over marinated. All I tasted was the stringy, sweet, soy, ginger kabaam when biting into it. What happened to the flavor of the chicken? The juice?

There was also Shanghai noodles on the table. I don’t get why it’s so saucy. I haven’t had this dish in a while but I don’t recall it being saucy.

Everyone, please don’t ever invite me to this place again. Well, you can.. but I’m not going to show up. I much rather have a Happy Meal and be Happy!

Wings Kitchen

3 01 2011

How many times have Wing’s Kitchen in Chinatown changed hands? At least, the Chinese name changes as the hand changes. With the latest hand, I’ve been here not more than 5 times.

Lettuce Wraps

The lettuce wraps are suppose to be a signature dish here. If they are so good at it, why can’t they at least cut the lettuce in the shape where it can be wrapped and eaten without making a huge mess? I seriously made a huge mess beyond the boundaries of the plate. Too embarrassed to take a picture and post it!

Garlic Spareribs

Another signature dish in this tiny Boston Chinatown hole in the wall is the Garlic Spareribs. It’s deep fried and then tossed in garlic. I basically love to eat anything that is garlicky and fried. This is a perfect combination for my taste bud.

Empress Chicken

I will mention another signature dish. This dish baffles me. Why? Every time I had it here, it sucked for one reason or another. Tonight’s reason is because it was like leather. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not overcooked. It’s just a wicked old chicken! Converting chicken years to human, I would say this Empress is 90 years old. This Empress sure didn’t impress anyone at the table. Since we’re Chinese, we still devoured this OLD Empress Chicken to the last piece. I certainly burned more calories per piece than consuming.

On a Monday evening, our table was basically the scene in the restaurant. If it wasn’t for us, the wait-staff would be bored to death! I heard that only Fridays and Saturdays are busy here. If that is the case, how do they cover rent and utilities?

Shabu Zen

18 12 2010

Shabu Zen could be so much better if there was service. Good service. How about any kind of service?

I see the busboy just standing at random spots in the hotpot restaurant watching the football game on TV. Seriously, I’d love his job for getting paid to watch TV! My tea never got refilled by anyone. My broth was almost on dry so I didn’t even bother taking a sip of the MSG water.

I ordered the A1 – prime beef and my bff ordered the A3 – short rib. Along with the dinners, I ordered some sides – Enoki mushroom, shrimp balls and fish paste. With a feast on the table, shabu shabu!

Hotpot is one of my favorite ways of eating a meal. It’s relative easy and healthy if I don’t use too much sauce. I did wish that they had topped off my shabu pot so I would have a better experience.

Shabu Zen - Prime Beef

Prime Beef

If this restaurant didn’t have the best ventilation and the best sesame sauce, I would probably boycott this because all the employees look like they didn’t want to be there, didn’t want to smile, didn’t want to provide service. No wonder why this place is dead on a chilly Saturday evening! We left at 7pm and the restaurant was not packed. Gone are those days!

Not only all that – we ordred a Sauteed Beef Tongue but out came a Sauteed Baby Clams. The server must have hearing problems. Not really, probably just careless on punching the POS. We didn’t want to complain and wait longer so we just ate it.

Guess how much tips we left? ~11%. I’m sure they heard our Chinese; but don’t blame me for not tipping well. I don’t give away money for free. You have to earn it. This is the worst Chinatown service ever.


4 09 2010

There are places that you walk by a lot but never really bothered to go in. Suishaya in Chinatown is one of those places for me. It’s been a while since I last stepped foot… So long that I forgot why I don’t care for this place.

Korean food in Chinatown just doesn’t cut it. Maybe cuz they are not ran by Koreans. What is the secret to the sauces? Is there even a good Korean restaurant within the city of Boston?

At this joint, I decided on having Kalbi Gui since it was too hot and humid for anything else. It came out on a sizzling cast iron plate with an outline of a cow. There was not a whole lot of beef. Even I can finish the whole dish! I’m normally a big fan of Kalbi; but the one here is a turn off. The marination sucked – it wasn’t tasty at all. The freshness of the beef was questionable. There were a couple pieces that were borderline. This dish was definitely not worth the $19.95 price tag.

I can go to H Mart and get a pack of marinated Kalbi to obtain better results. I most certainly will whip up some Korean food when I have my own kitchen with the help of H Mart.

New Dong Khanh

7 08 2010

I totally dig their sweet sauce!! Some places add to the hoisin sauce some don’t. Most places don’t anymore.



The pho is very tasty. I was pretty sure that I didn’t order the pho with everything in it; but it came with everything in it. It’s cool; I haven’t had the combo in a long time so it was a good mistake. I was suppose to just have the sliced beef. I knew I wouldn’t finish the combo pho so I never order it. Behold, when I was stuffed, it doesn’t look like I made a huge dent!

I haven’t eaten here in years so this was a delight. The past few years, I’ve just came in to order drinks. Smoothies, Bobba, Fresh Sugar Cane. Their drinks are pretty popular! I can only hear the blender the whole time I was eating there. Could not hear much of the table conversation.

Empress Chicken

2 08 2010

My mom got me take out from Chinatown which I have no idea what the English name is. It’s where Wing’s Kitchen used to be. She was so smart to get me 2 containers for the ginger/scallion dip!

Empress Chicken

Empress Chicken

It’s very tasty and so as the dip. I’m devouring the half chicken. I love fresh chicken! Definitely the best chicken in Boston!