Le’s Chestnut Hill

1 12 2010

For a matter of convenience to meet up with a buddy for pho, this is happy medium distant wise.  Other than that, bleh! I couldn’t believe he dragged his friend from Foxborough all way to Atrium to have bleh pho.

They surely are not generous with their portions. I could finish a small pho with no soup left.. doesn’t that say something! On top of that, their soup is not steaming hot. Luke warm at best.

Nothing worth admiring. Personally, I don’t prefer coming here because there’s no cell phone service for T-Mobile  on this floor and majority of Atrium Mall. You know how addicted I am to my cell phone after hours!

The entire Atrium Mall in Chestnut Hill is dead tonight. Coming in here, it surely does not feel like the holidays are around the corner. Le’s is a bit busier than the last time I was here 2 weeks ago. Regardless, it does not change the quality of the food. Mediocre at best.

Next time, we’re dragging his butt down to Randolph for pho!