Wings at Fat Cat

31 07 2010

Supposively, the wings at Fat Cat is awesome. I beg to differ. It’s good but not as awesome as people rave!

I will certainly say this: Their wings are not easy to eat with a fork and knife. It’s quite a challenge to cut through the joints to separate the bones. On the bright side, there are a few flavors to choose from. I’m still a fan of Buffalo flavor for wings. My second favorite flavor for wings is teriyaki. My wings gotta be either spicy or sweet or both – that’s the best ways to have wings!


Soju Bar – Myung Dong 1st Ave

29 07 2010

A random stumble. We were just finding a place in Allston that still serves food and drinks after 11 while able to carry on a conversation.

Black Mussels

Black Mussels

First thought.. cool, drinks and probably OK food. Surprisingly, the food at Myung Dong 1st Ave is better than expected. Fresh and tasty. All the appetizers we had a A-OK! Can’t go wrong when the Korean restaurant is filled with mostly Koreans in the middle of summer! This place is hopping as the night goes on.

What really caught my attention was soju in a fruit shell! We ordered a watermelon soju since

Watermelon Soju

Watermelon Soju

we thought it was cool. It tasted more like watermelon ice than an alcoholic beverage! Very tasty indeed. It would be nice if there was more of a kick to it since it did cost $30 for half a watermelon!

I would come back for the soju because of the “cool” factor of using fresh fruit! I LOVE watermelon!! Sad to say though, we did go to a tavern close by to get the kick into the system. I wish I was a light weight! Definitely a good hang in Boston for some casual drinks and food.

Fast Food to the Rescue!

28 07 2010

When ya strapped on cash, what’s the next best thing besides starving yourself? Dollar Menu! I was debating along the drive home if I should spend the dollar or not. $1.06 to be exact!

McChickenI certainly was not hungry; but that’s pretty much from constantly starving myself since Feb. I haven’t been my hungry self. I just lost my appetite from the wreck I was in.

Well, I decided to go thru the Drive Thru of McDonald’s to order a McChicken sandwich on the note that I should eat. My favorite fast food sandwich! Let me tell you, I devoured Mr. McChicken as soon as opened the wrapper! Fresh and hot! Tasted SO SO good!!

I felt loaded with nutrients after finishing it!  360 Calories, 14g Protein, 45iu Vitamin A, 1mg Vitamin C, 120mg Calcium, 2.5mg Iron! Great!

Seriously, Grilled Cheese?? At Dante!?

27 07 2010

I don’t know about you; but I haven’t had a grilled cheese sandwich since grade school! It wasn’t the deal that caught my eye. It was reading that Dante Italian Restaurant is serving Grilled Cheese every Tuesday after 5:30pm at the bar and lounge that caught my attention. The sandwich is only $2.

I would most certainly make a point to go into Cambridge and give the Grilled Cheese a try next time I have a free Tuesday! I already have it all planned in my head. Go to Dante at 4:30pm for the $1 oysters between 4-6.  (They have the $1 oyster deal everyday of the week.) Once 5:30 hits – Grilled Cheese please!!!! The Italian way!

Now, isn’t this better than a combo meal at McDonald’s!?

All You Can Eat Prime Rib at KO Prime

27 07 2010

If you’re a Boston Foodie, you know Ken Oringer! He continues his venture by expanding the all you can eat prime rib dinner with Retro Tuesdays and Wednesdays at KO Prime Steakhouse. You can eat as much prime rib you want for $29.95. Certainly, I would not benefit from this deal since I eat like a pigeon; but I still would like to go the next time I have time on a Tue or Wed for the sake of my HunGry friends!

Roasted Bone Marrow

Roasted Bone Marrow

I haven’t had the steaks here before but they do server scrumptious appetizers. The best unique appetizer is the Roasted Bone Marrow.  It came out with 3 cuts of bone. I should call myself Wilma while holding the bone and scooping out the marrow. The marrow itself has a very bold taste which went well with the beef tongue marlamade. I didn’t really care for the citris parsley salad. Stacking them on the toasted bread sure filled up my tummy!

KO Prime is located right in Downtown Boston who also server the luxury boutique hotel, Nine Zero. That’s how I found my way to – look for the hotel! Walking with Google Maps and Yelp on my cell can only get me so far.

Desserts at Alba

25 07 2010

So my friend thinks the desserts at Alba Restaurant in Quincy Center is bleh. I’ll let you decide:





My friends ordered creme brulee. I was  boring, I just asked for vanilla gelato which I seriously think it was just ice cream. It tasted like ice cream at least. I never understood the concept at restaurants that use warm dishes to serve a frozen item. I ate it quickly before it all melted. I tried the bite of the creme brulee – Pretty good! I knew I should’ve ordered that; but I didn’t want to copy my friends.

However, they are serious with their drinks! Mojito comes in a pint glass. My Greygoose on the rocks comess in a double old fashioned filled to the rim. I was seriously happy by the time I left from all the booze in me!

The best Strawberry Gummy

25 07 2010

I love gummy. I’m one of those that would eat till I get sick or till the bag is empty. So it’s never a good idea for me to buy a large bag. Just about every snack I buy, I buy individually wrapped snack size portions. BJ’s is good for that!

Haribo Strawberry Gummy

Haribo Strawberry Gummy

Gummy, the strawberry kind, is the best of all gummies. It’s just the right size so you don’t have to eat a few pieces at a time. Specifically, Haribo makes the best Strawberry Gummy. Perfect chew-tensity. Pefect sweetness – mouth doesn’t get icky no matter how many are eaten. The only place that would complain is the stomach like all junk food!

I haven’t seen this being sold in stores in the Boston area. Everytime I drop by a convenience store, I look HARD!  The only strawberry gummy I came across in my journey is Black Forest at City Convenience on Dartmouth St. in South End. It’s not as good though. Haribo Gummy Bear is too chewy.

So I’m stuck with getting teased by my cousin’s boyfriend. He buys a 5# bag of Haribo Strawberry gummies when he needs to “stuff” his Amazon order. This time around, I’ve been a very good girl so I didn’t have to wait FOREVER! They are smart – they only give me a ziplock bag portion instead of all 5#.

Maybe if I listen to my cousin more, I’ll get more ziplock bags of gummy!?