Cake Tasting at Dessert Works Bakery

15 04 2012

ImageWhen I go to cake tastings, I look forward to looking at the designs more than tasting cakes. Dessert Works Bakery in Westwood does make glamorous wedding cakes that fits everyone’s budget and style. Wedding cakes start at $4 per person and tack on from there. Making the cake square would be an up charge of a dollar per person and so forth.

The private wedding cake tasting begins with the selected cake flavors. Pricing is next, followed by design. The process took about an hour. If the slices are not finished, there is an option of taking it with you.

ImageWhat I find unique about Dessert Works Bakery, besides noticing the Phantom Gourmet and The Knot Best of  Weddings stickers by the front door, is that they give a baby cake to keep for a year instead of keeping the top tiered cake. The baby cake is just cake, no mousse. The cutest cake ever!

Out of the flavors I tried, I like Marbled Raspberry the most. Maybe because I love marbled cakes. My second fave is Cappuccino Torte. Cake soaked in espresso, yum!


Marliave And the Escargot

1 04 2012

After my first experience, when I dream of escargot, Marliave pops into the picture. I experienced Marliave in Downtown Boston during restaurant week. I stumbled upon the Restaurant Week menu and saw the word escargot. At that point, I must embark my journey to meet and devour Escargot.

Each of the six succulent escargots nestled in its bed of parsley and garlic butter on the cast iron dish. Excellent creation that I cannot stop thinking of it. To add fizz to the meal, they serve glass bottled Coke here. I was in heaven, I tell you!

You might find me there at the bar enjoying my Coke and Escargots on a nice afternoon.

SuSu Sushi

1 04 2012

SuSu Sushi is located next to McDonald’s on Washington St in Stoughton, Ma which makes it pretty easy to find for the first timer. I’ve heard mixed reviews of this All You Can Eat Sushi/Japanese restaurant so I had no idea what to expect.

To start off, they do charge for Japanese Green Tea here so I opted for Lemonade which includes free refills. I do find this crucial when enjoying an All you can eat joint. Do note that on at least two walls within the dining area, there are signs that Patrons must be at least 21 years old and have valid ID. Noone checked my ID.. Do I LOOK that OLD??? Then again, they have high chairs and toddlers dining with them.


Ordering was more like pointing since the servers didn’t really know my Bostonian accent. Obviously, we didn’t get everything we ordered. Maybe it’s a buffet thing to not punch in everything that was ordered. After ordering a few times, most kitchen food is by piece.

For my first course, I had a wicked dry seaweed salad. I never knew it could be totally dry. Even within the packaging, it’s wet and juicy. Did they get the astronaut version?? They laid this over a bed of shredded daikon radish.


We also ordered some maki. I highly do not recommend this unless you love to eat veggies. My una Kyu maki was mostly cucumbers with barely any eel. For a sec, I thought I ordered a cucumber roll. As for the spicy tuna maki, it was mostly tempura flakes mashed in with a little tuna and spicy mayo. That totally didn’t sit well with my taste buds. If I ever come back here, I will never order any maki rolls!

ImageAs for the sushi, I never seen eel cut the wrong way before till today. There was also a dramatic size difference between the first set of sushi we ordered and the second set of nigiri. Maybe it’s because it was a different chef or different fish. Who knows!

I also tried a sake temaki for the hell of it. It was mostly rice that I attempted to scoop some out before devouring it.

The fish is fresh here. However, the quality is mediocre at best which is expected for an All You Can Eat.

ImageFor being myself, I did not just try the  items from the sushi bar; but from the kitchen as well. Of course, persistence is the key to ordering here. we tried a couple times before we actually had the Beef Enoki Roll on our table. It wasn’t that appealing to the eye; but it tasted better than it looked. They should just skip the ugly daikon radish part and add a lemon wedge. Oh, I forgot – a lemon wedge costs more than a few shredded daikon radish!

I also tried the Grilled Salmon Belly. I wouldn’t order that again. It’s the way they cut it into rectangular cubes that one bite is meat and the other bite is all fat. Nor do I understand why they drizzled ponzu type sauce for this? Salmon has a strong taste that a light sauce wont compliment it at all.

The grilled sirloin was more normal. They used teriyaki sauce with this tender beef of 5 slices per order and 1 bok choy.Image I wouldn’t say that was the best beef dish though. The best one was the beef ribs. Depending on your luck, you get a leaner section since they don’t trim off the fat and the tendon. You can’t take a small bit. You basically have to shove the whole thing in your mouth cause of that. Who says you should prep the meat when it’s all you can eat for less than twenty bucks during lunch? Noone.

They marinated this with the Korean marinade. Since this place is not open by Koreans nor Japanese, you wont get the rib cut that way. More of what you would find in a Chinese dish. Yes, I am dreaming of Kalbi and drooling all over for it.

At least there is some good out of it, dessert is included in the meal here at SuSu Sushi. If you care about flavor as much as I do, I wouldn’t recommend Imagegoing for the ice cream. My scoop of vanilla was cross contaminated with some other mystery flavor. My guess is that they don’t change the water in the container for the ice cream scoops that often.

I also ordered the fried banana which I would totally regret if I had to pay extra for it. It was cut so thin that all I tasted was the crust/crappy fry oil. I knew I should’ve ordered jello. Who can screw that up!?

There’s also a catch at SuSu Sushi – a two dollar up charge for Weekends and Holidays. Hence, today’s lunch was $17.99 instead of $15.99.