Oye’s Reading

14 09 2010

In desperation of a manager. Too many inexperienced servers with no guidance for the price a patron pays to dine. It was interesting watching a server drooping a clean table cloth over her arm with the ends touching the floor while she was getting settings to set a table.

Reading may have a good shot with a new Asian fusion; but there still many kinks to work out. Contemporary styled restaurants seem to be popping up left and right. This is the first restaurant that I see chilean sea bass as market price. Since when did this fish become a commodity? Sure, fish prices fluctuate every week.. then why not put the whole sushi menu on M/P!? Oh ya, I got a kick that a Schuan dish was listed under Japanese.

For a suburban restaurant, I was suprised that they cut sashimi a la carte thin. They should give 5 slices at that thickness and price. Yes, at other restaurants that cut is “thin sliced” without the 2 extra slices. So much for industry standards!

The maki was somewhat falling apart. It was pressed to much. Yes, strong hands! The quality of the fish was so-so. There was not much flavor in any of the fishes I ordered.

The tempura batter sucked. Can’t really describe it. It just didn’t taste right. The tempura sauce didn’t help either.

As for my martini, it was way too sweet. A bit heavy handed on the simple syrup. That is all I tasted. I couldn’t even taste the pom when the menu said it used pom vodka and pom juice.


Blue 22

14 09 2010

Maybe cuz I’m not part of the IN crowd? Or it’s just Blue style? Do I care of why they get good biz in Quincy Center?

This place is not my cup of tea for sure. The service is not worth the 15%. The drinks are tiny and expensive. Interestingly enough, the rocks glass comes in 2 sizes!

Another disappointment was that the wings was mostly drumettes. Only 2 out of the dozen was not! Boo hoo! My fav is the wing part.. dang it, why can’t it be reversed and I would be in heaven!

Yummy cafe

14 09 2010

Yummy Cafe in Quincy is unique. How so? How often do you hear of a Chinese hole in the wall opening 8 in the morning? Certainly, you can have a Chinese breakfast in Quincy nowadays. I won’t say it’s scrumptious tho.

When you’re hungry in the morning and not want bacon and eggs; it’s worth the trip. We ordered a xiao long bao – frozen aisle is better. There was no juice in every single one – boo! The congee was thick like gramma style. The cheurng fun was uniquely served with reg soy sauce instead of the sweet variant. They were not wrapped but more like a sloppy rice noodle with minced beef. The wontons were mini with minced pork instead of your typical shrimp.

I would not go for the milk tea here again. It’s from powder which should be a big no no for a cafe eatery. Isn’t the point of a cafe is to have the best brewed tea/coffee in the hood?

At least they don’t have the TVB channel on so we were able to catch the morning news. I just wish they would stop yacking about Tom Brady’s Audi – overkill!

Rotary Pizza

5 09 2010

I totally was not expecting to have pizza for dinner. I wasn’t planning on visiting a friend would turn into joining the family for dinner. OMG, I’ve known this friend for 20 years!

We ordered pizza and buffalo wings from Rotary Pizza from downtown Westborough. We never had their pizza there before and it was the first and last time! ┬áTheir pizza was bleh. The pizza was like from the frozen aisle was one described. It certainly wasn’t tasty and was not crunchy at all. ┬áThe little one seemed to enjoy it after dunking the pizza in his water cup. I seriously was full and wanted to puke seeing how he ate his food!


4 09 2010

There are places that you walk by a lot but never really bothered to go in. Suishaya in Chinatown is one of those places for me. It’s been a while since I last stepped foot… So long that I forgot why I don’t care for this place.

Korean food in Chinatown just doesn’t cut it. Maybe cuz they are not ran by Koreans. What is the secret to the sauces? Is there even a good Korean restaurant within the city of Boston?

At this joint, I decided on having Kalbi Gui since it was too hot and humid for anything else. It came out on a sizzling cast iron plate with an outline of a cow. There was not a whole lot of beef. Even I can finish the whole dish! I’m normally a big fan of Kalbi; but the one here is a turn off. The marination sucked – it wasn’t tasty at all. The freshness of the beef was questionable. There were a couple pieces that were borderline. This dish was definitely not worth the $19.95 price tag.

I can go to H Mart and get a pack of marinated Kalbi to obtain better results. I most certainly will whip up some Korean food when I have my own kitchen with the help of H Mart.