Cake Tasting at Dessert Works Bakery

15 04 2012

ImageWhen I go to cake tastings, I look forward to looking at the designs more than tasting cakes. Dessert Works Bakery in Westwood does make glamorous wedding cakes that fits everyone’s budget and style. Wedding cakes start at $4 per person and tack on from there. Making the cake square would be an up charge of a dollar per person and so forth.

The private wedding cake tasting begins with the selected cake flavors. Pricing is next, followed by design. The process took about an hour. If the slices are not finished, there is an option of taking it with you.

ImageWhat I find unique about Dessert Works Bakery, besides noticing the Phantom Gourmet and The Knot Best of  Weddings stickers by the front door, is that they give a baby cake to keep for a year instead of keeping the top tiered cake. The baby cake is just cake, no mousse. The cutest cake ever!

Out of the flavors I tried, I like Marbled Raspberry the most. Maybe because I love marbled cakes. My second fave is Cappuccino Torte. Cake soaked in espresso, yum!


Crown Bakery

17 07 2010

Whether it’s breakfast or cheap eats, Crown Bakery does the job! This is one of the places I hit when I’m low on dough.

Ham and Egg Bun

Crown Bakery's Ham and Egg Bun

My favorite selection is the ham and egg bun. It makes me believe that I’m eating healthy.

Eggs – Protein and amino acids! It’s also good for the eyes according to one study. An egg a day may prevent macular degeneration. You know how some people, avoid the egg yolk for cholesterol reasons? However, egg yolk contains choline which helps regulate the brain, nervous system and cardiovascular system. Being a women, how can I say no to foods that promotes healthy hair and nails!?

Ham – if all hams are the same, ham is high in minerals and vitamins. Spanish hams contains Oleic acid (found in olive oil) which help produce good cholesterol while reducing the bad one. Preserved meats should be avoided though since it’s high in fat, salts, nitrites and nitrates.