13 10 2010




Trekked out to Framingham to have a birthday party at Aegean. Definitely not a good place to throw a party and not a good place to wear heels.

I almost crashed and burned heading over to the table. I was so ready to protect my camera with my body if I didn’t catch myself in time. However, I lost half my GreyGoose to the floor while I was trying to reach for a chair to regain my balance from slipping on their slippery wood floor. What the heck, the hostess only offered me napkins to wipe myself and not offer to get me a new drink. She’s lucky that it wasn’t red wine or I’ll be up her alley for dry cleaning compensation.

We started we appetizers of Grape Leaves, Mussels, Calamari, and Lamb Ribs. The Grape Leaves were not as saucy as normal. Mussels were OK – I wish it was a bit meatier. Calamari tasted bit like old oil. Lamb Ribs were never my fav appetizer.

As the first course came to an end, the server came over to tell us that they were sold out on Rack of Lamb!! Booo!!! She was only able to give us 2 orders when the table ordered 6. What a grand disappointment! Worst of all, my mom ordered me something else which I really don’t care for. Why can’t I order my own food when it’s not communal eating?




Obviously, she doesn’t know what I don’t like to eat half the time. She ordered me another lamb dish – lamb rib; but the only cut that I really enjoy is the rack. It came out way over cooked. At that point, I was just shoving food down my throat to get the evening over with.

The service is just mediocre at best. She asked me if it’s OK to leave the bottle of wines on the table since it would be difficult for her to see who wants to drink red and wine. Sure, I can take over your job. Ya, make the birthday girl go around the table pouring wine for family! Yes, I’d be more than happy to do that if it was home; but isn’t the point of going out for dinner is to get pampered??

This is certainly the last time I’d be willing to sit in the dining room at Aegean for a wicked long time! I’m boycotting Greek food for a bit for sure. It helps when I don’t live in the MetroWest anymore. This WAS my favorite Greek Restaurant.