Kim Crawford

17 07 2010

Between red and white, I prefer white. Perhaps it because it’s summer or maybe I just like cold drinks more.

I’m trying to remember the first time.. the innocence. I am trying to remember if meeting Kim Crawford himself at Scampo was the first time encountering his vineyard.

For now, if I want something light and something white, Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc  is my first choice. When I head out to Legal‘s or Skip Jack’s, this is my choice.

Pretty good for the price!

Tonight is one of those nights that I need a drink and saw Kim in the cooler and is a screw cap at Atlas Liquor. I actually have the bottle to myself since my cousin was being too responsible to even have a sip!

Technically speaking, I am buzzed as I am blogging this. She will have to wrestle me back for her Coca Cola glass since I brought it back up to my pad! That’s what she gets for kicking me out before I have my final sip!