CuisinArt Ceramic Wok

11 09 2014

To enhance my cooking experience, I wanted a well rounded wok that is some what not harming the foods I eat. If you haven’t heard, Teflon or PTFE/PFOA isn’t the best cookware coating. As a matter of fact, it can cause high cholesterol and other diseases if it gets absorbed into the food and eaten regularly. FDA recommends that once the coating is scratched, you should rid of the cookware as PTFE/PFOA will get into the foods cooked on the cookware. If you don’t like the idea of throwing away usable cookware, then avoid buying PTFE/PFOA coated cookware. I am gradually moving away from the old school nonstick cookware as it is full of chemicals to create the “nonstick” surface.

The most recent purchase was a cast iron grooved skillet. It’s great for grilling steak or veggies as it doesn’t require any oil once it’s seasoned and cooks evenly without high heat. Most importantly, it adds a hint of iron to my foods. We all need a bit of that! I don’t cook with cast iron often, so it’s balanced!

Now I am just waiting for my >>

GreenGourmet Hard-Anodized Nonstick Stir-Fry Wok

It’s made from hard-anodized aluminium with a ceramic coating. I chose to try out ceramic coating as it seems like the newest and healthiest trend of cookware. Let’s see if I can cook with minimal oil in this!!


Clay Pot Rice

4 05 2014

ImageEvery now and then, I get asked how to cook clay pot rice. Put rice in a clay pot and cook it! OK, the first step is to throw away your rice cooker. If you never cooked rice on a stove top before, it’s going to be hard to explain. It’s really just using a claypot instead of any other pot to cook rice. Personally, I prefer stove top rice over rice cooker rice. I never bought a rice cooker. I don’t own a rice cooker.

ImageIf you enjoy steamed food, you put your raw ingredients into the clay pot after the boil when you don’t see the water line anymore. If you like sauteed, stir fry your ingredients first. Turn down the heat to the middle range. After 15 or so minutes, turn the heat down to low range. After another 10 or so minutes, your pot is ready.

The amount of water is dependent on the type of rice you use. So refer to your box/bag.

The exact time is relevant to your stove and pot. Learn your pot and stove to make it perfect. It usually takes me a couple tries to get it right on a unfamiliar stove.

Me And My Raw Eggs

11 04 2014

It’s been floating around for a long time that chicken eggs are bad for you – mainly the yolk. Wicked high in cholesterol so to say. Perhaps, I will get high cholesterol one day. All in all, can someone prove to me that eating an egg a day will promote heart disease or stroke? Or even, just provide me which reputable study/research made a point that eggs is bad for the heart?

I don’t like popping pills to get all my nutrients. I like to enjoy eating my nutrients. Eggs are a good source of nutrients. Of course, if you are paranoid about everything.. don’t eat eggs.

RamenEggs are not the only thing I eat raw. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with eating anything raw. It certainly does expose yourself to viruses and bacteria. I’ve eaten raw chicken before from parts that were under cooked. It has not killed me!! Salmonella my butt! The way I see it, exposure builds my immune system. If I live in a bubble, I will get sick outside the bubble.

There is a nutrient in egg yolks that you will have a hard time finding in other foods. Choline. This is an essential nutrient. For the brain, it improves brain function. Signs of choline deficiency are fatty liver and hemorrhagic kidney necrosis. I certainly don’t want my brain to deteriorate! Hence, I will continue eating my eggs! Better yet, I don’t want deteriorating eyes. No Cataract! No Glaucoma! I will continue my eggs in my diet!! 

Biotin (water soluable vitamin B7)- Not many foods are rich in biotin. Egg yolks are rich in this nutrient. This is another essential nutrient that is neccessary for cell growth, the production of fatty acids and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. It is also said that biotin improves sugar levels.

There are many more nutrients/vitamins packed in this tiny yolk. To keep it sweet and short, you wont find another food that compact with so many rich nutrients. But why raw!? Besides that I am an animal, cooking will change the structure of the protein.  Truthfully, I just enjoy the slime factor! NOT! I enjoy the taste of the raw egg yolk. It’s a very distinctive taste.

If eggs are really that bad in blood cholesterol, I would’ve gotten XXX by my doctor years ago. My cholesterol level was perfectly fine the last time I checked.

Cutting And Prepping Fresh Pineapple

22 03 2014

Fresh PineappleAs I was walking thru the produce section of Whole Foods with my friend, she saw fresh pineapples and asked if I knew how to pick. My retarded response was that they are all sweet!

The intellectual response is to pick a yellow skin pineapple and smell the butt for an aroma. Pineapples don’t really ripe any further after it has been picked. You can certainly turn the pineapple upside down to push the sugar towards the crown.

Rule of thumb, DO NOT buy a BROWN pineapple. It’s not fresh anymore – meaning that it’s been picked off the tree for quite some time. 

Now that you got the perfect pineapple, let’s start prepping it. Use a good sized sharp knife to cut off the crown and the butt of the laid down pineapple. If the skin is too tough for you to slice thru, poke the pineapple with the  pointy end of knife to make a slit. Then you can use the slit to slice thru. Sit it back up on the naked butt and start shaving off the skin horizontally. Try to keep the knife as close to the skin as possible. Best to preserve as much flesh as possible. After shaving all the skin off, if you are not a fan of those pineapple holes, cut them out.

The way I like to cut out the holes is diagonally with ending results of swirly pineapple. I tend to cut out two to three holes at a time using a small or parring knife to make the pineapple look pretty for the Kodak moment. 

After a quick rinse, cut the pineapple in quarters the long way. If you don’t like to eat the core, cut it out. If you are a health junky, eat the core – it contains the proteolytic enzyme, bromelain. This enzyme helps break down full proteins found in meat which supposively reduces the strain of the pancreas. I’m not a nutritionist, so don’t take my word for it. 

Anyhow, after slicing up the pineapple, soak it in salt water if you don’t want your tongue/mouth to burn/sting. I don’t know why, but it works! It’s like MAGIC! Soak it for at least 15 minutes. This process actually sweeten up the pineapple as well.

Dry Aging Steak at Home

21 03 2014

I love steak. I love juicy and tender steak even more. Silly me that I didn’t know I could dry age steak right at home! All you need is some paper towels, a rack and some fridge space.



Go ahead a buy a slab of Mooo. Roll it in some paper towel. Then place it on a rack that goes in the coldest part of the fridge. When the towel gets a bit moist, switch the towel. On the forth day.. wah lah!

Put some salt and pepper at most 40 mins prior to cooking. I found that cooking steak in the oven give the best results. Turn the knob to broil on high and in the steak it goes. I only broil each side for a few minutes since I like my steak bloody.

Google+ / Zagat Contains Fake Reviews?

24 10 2012

Tonight, I was poking around Google+.. checking out reviews. I was surprised to see what I saw on Google+ (or was it Zagat)?

I was checking on a restaurant and noticed a several reviews from last week. And then it drops off in frequency dramatically. I kept reading and then reviews started to sound familiar so I scrolled back up to make sure I wasn’t imagining things.

If you paid attention in my photo of an example dupe, you will see that the duper is a lazy ass. Too lazy to shift for CAPS! Wouldn’t it be easier to just cut and paste anyways!? I suppose you can’t fix punctuations on the fly that way.. lol

I have no idea why Zagat or Google+ would dupe reviews? I did go to and looked at the reviews. The most recent reviews are from 2010, no duping on the main Zagat website.

To say the least, I’m not trusting Google+ for reviews at the moment. Going directly to review websites is more reliable. I did send a comment to Google+ of what I noticed in case there is a bug or error. Curious to see if it submits to a black hole.

The Burger Shack

24 10 2012

As I ventured in the URI area, I stumbled upon a plaza of eateries. After walking through, the verdict was to try The Burger Shack down in Kingston, Rhode Island.

Neat little self service burger joint with Chalk Board style menu above the ordering counter. Besides burgers, there are other options such as wrap and salad. They have a soda fountain and bottled water as beverage choices. All their burgers comes with fries.

This joint is rather pricey for self serve. $6.99 for a hamburger. They use shredded lettuce for the burgers which I thought was weird. At least, it tasted good from the grill. Since the price included fries, does that justify that fries doesn’t have to be fresh? The french fries was basically room temperature. I ate one piece and that was the end of that.

Finished my food and tossed out the trash to end my journey in Kingston, RI. The Burger Shack is a tad cheaper and better than Five Guys Burgers and Fries.