23 11 2010

Oga’s was my favorite Japanese restaurant. I used to come here regularly when I lived in Natick and indulge in both food and sake. I love their black sesame sorbet.

When I’m here by myself, omakase and a bottle of sake is a definite. I love to try special fishes. Going beyond the norm. Trying things out. When I eat good food, I feel like I’m in heaven.

The best thing I got out of Oga’s is the friends I made. I befriended some of the waitstaff a few years ago and been my buddies ever since. Though we don’t hang out often, I know they would be there for me if I asked.



23 11 2010

I would never say, “Let’s go to Minando!”

Why? For $30, there are choices! I’m certainly not a big fan of buffets. The food has been sitting around for who knows how long. Especially with a Chinese owned operation, I seriously doubt they follow the code of buffet operation. Do you ever see anyone walking around with a thermometer? or toss out items that has been sitting out for over 45 mins?

Some of my friends do love coming here so that they can pig out on sushi. Sorry, I can’t hold my own especially with that grade of meat. Can eat to get full but not indulge. ¬†For that, I don’t know if you want to be me. I look at it – it’s not tobiko, it’s masago. The seaweed salad has noodles mixed in. So on and so on. That goes on in my head every time I hit this joint.

Obviously, I come here for the company and not for the food. I did enjoy my time here catching up with peepz while drinks tons of green tea. They serve tea by the tea bag and not loose.

Great for large parties – brainless and plenty of tables. Best of all, kids under 3′ eat for free. Between 3 and 4 is like 6 bux – ain’t that a deal compared to a Happy Meal!