Oye’s Reading

14 09 2010

In desperation of a manager. Too many inexperienced servers with no guidance for the price a patron pays to dine. It was interesting watching a server drooping a clean table cloth over her arm with the ends touching the floor while she was getting settings to set a table.

Reading may have a good shot with a new Asian fusion; but there still many kinks to work out. Contemporary styled restaurants seem to be popping up left and right. This is the first restaurant that I see chilean sea bass as market price. Since when did this fish become a commodity? Sure, fish prices fluctuate every week.. then why not put the whole sushi menu on M/P!? Oh ya, I got a kick that a Schuan dish was listed under Japanese.

For a suburban restaurant, I was suprised that they cut sashimi a la carte thin. They should give 5 slices at that thickness and price. Yes, at other restaurants that cut is “thin sliced” without the 2 extra slices. So much for industry standards!

The maki was somewhat falling apart. It was pressed to much. Yes, strong hands! The quality of the fish was so-so. There was not much flavor in any of the fishes I ordered.

The tempura batter sucked. Can’t really describe it. It just didn’t taste right. The tempura sauce didn’t help either.

As for my martini, it was way too sweet. A bit heavy handed on the simple syrup. That is all I tasted. I couldn’t even taste the pom when the menu said it used pom vodka and pom juice.