18 07 2010

Do you see what I see? If you’re an avid scrabble player, perhaps you would see the word BASH in Basho – a Japanese restaurant in Boston, Ma. My mind works in weird ways!
If this was my first stop in the Fenway area, I wouldn’t think much of my Goose. It was only half empty when it came to the table. I guess they know that the type of ice they use melts at a good rate so the glass get 80% full after I shake my glass.
What caught my attention as i was getting ready to eat was that the chopsticks was backwards. As I was pulling it out of the sleeve, it was the bottom of the chopsticks that I was holding. What are the chances of that happening? What is the percentage of error that is allowed? I should go buy a lottery ticket!
Midnight Shrimp

Midnight Shrimp

$9.95 for Midnight Shrimp special. 4 jumbo shrimp and shitake mushroom tempura. If you are diabetic, do not try this. The type of black vinegar they use for this dish is way too sweet. The sauce lacks the complex taste of black vinegar. As for the shrimp, it was on the tough side and lacks the fresh shrimp taste.  Maybe someone is having a bad night in the kitchen and decided to cooked the crap out of the shrimp!

It would not be lady like if I spit back out the tempura mushroom so I used my imagination to get my concentration off my tastes buds. I felt like I was eating a ball of old oil. My tongue was filled with grease as if the mushroom went into a black hole. My buds were questioning where is the mushroom.

Kobe Beef Kushi Yaki

Robata was the next course which seems like infinity though it was just the 2 of us and 1 bar customer having food. I was happy to finally see beef! Not just any beef – Kobe Beef! It was doused with teriyaki sauce. If I ever come back, I would have to remember to tell them to put the sauce on the side. They put way too much sauce, in my opinion. The first piece i just shoved it in my mouth and chewed away cuz I was dying for it. All I could taste was sweet. The 2nd piece, I actually took my time an enjoyed it. I took a bite and sucked off the sauce before I started chewing so I can enjoy the taste of kobe beef. It was heavenly indeed.

Wings Shioyaki

Wings Shioyaki

The wing shioyaki was a rip off. $3.25 for 2 pieces of wings. I don’t count the chicken wing tip as a piece since there is not meat in that section. I am not a big fan of the drumette section so it worked out well for me that the wings in the dish does not incorporate that. I love chicken wings and they do an ok job here. Not overcooked and I can taste the chicken fat in the skin! Abundance of natural flavors.


The service of the bartender could be better. Seems like the mgr was doing most of his work on servicing us even though the bartender only has 1 other tab. I much rather had tipped the mgr instead of the bartender.
This is definitely not a joint that I would itch to come back even if I had a thick wallet. I rather spend that money at Abe & Louie’s.
Note: I was told that Basho means a place to gather for drinking. In my mind, it is similar to an American pub. I never been to Japan so I can only imagine. However from googling, Basho is a grand tournament in sumo wrestling. Well, if you clear away all the chairs and tables, the dining room sure does have enough space for that!!
Note 2: This is not a good place to watch TV. The line of vision is very narrow. Basically, you have to be in front of the TV to see if the bar/lounge is hopping.