Marliave And the Escargot

1 04 2012

After my first experience, when I dream of escargot, Marliave pops into the picture. I experienced Marliave in Downtown Boston during restaurant week. I stumbled upon the Restaurant Week menu and saw the word escargot. At that point, I must embark my journey to meet and devour Escargot.

Each of the six succulent escargots nestled in its bed of parsley and garlic butter on the cast iron dish. Excellent creation that I cannot stop thinking of it. To add fizz to the meal, they serve glass bottled Coke here. I was in heaven, I tell you!

You might find me there at the bar enjoying my Coke and Escargots on a nice afternoon.


Terrace Bar

8 08 2010

Hyatt Avenue One Terrace BarWhat’s better than drinking at home by yourself? Drinking at a terrace bar located at the center of the building. With so many choices in the city, this would be my first and last time at the Avenue One Terrace Bar at the Hyatt Downtown Boston. Staring at the skin of the building is not exactly chic.

I’ll give them one thumbs up for having Ms. Stella Artois. Belgium chicks are so hot and sexy!

All You Can Eat Prime Rib at KO Prime

27 07 2010

If you’re a Boston Foodie, you know Ken Oringer! He continues his venture by expanding the all you can eat prime rib dinner with Retro Tuesdays and Wednesdays at KO Prime Steakhouse. You can eat as much prime rib you want for $29.95. Certainly, I would not benefit from this deal since I eat like a pigeon; but I still would like to go the next time I have time on a Tue or Wed for the sake of my HunGry friends!

Roasted Bone Marrow

Roasted Bone Marrow

I haven’t had the steaks here before but they do server scrumptious appetizers. The best unique appetizer is the Roasted Bone Marrow. ┬áIt came out with 3 cuts of bone. I should call myself Wilma while holding the bone and scooping out the marrow. The marrow itself has a very bold taste which went well with the beef tongue marlamade. I didn’t really care for the citris parsley salad. Stacking them on the toasted bread sure filled up my tummy!

KO Prime is located right in Downtown Boston who also server the luxury boutique hotel, Nine Zero. That’s how I found my way to – look for the hotel! Walking with Google Maps and Yelp on my cell can only get me so far.