Google+ / Zagat Contains Fake Reviews?

24 10 2012

Tonight, I was poking around Google+.. checking out reviews. I was surprised to see what I saw on Google+ (or was it Zagat)?

I was checking on a restaurant and noticed a several reviews from last week. And then it drops off in frequency dramatically. I kept reading and then reviews started to sound familiar so I scrolled back up to make sure I wasn’t imagining things.

If you paid attention in my photo of an example dupe, you will see that the duper is a lazy ass. Too lazy to shift for CAPS! Wouldn’t it be easier to just cut and paste anyways!? I suppose you can’t fix¬†punctuations¬†on the fly that way.. lol

I have no idea why Zagat or Google+ would dupe reviews? I did go to and looked at the reviews. The most recent reviews are from 2010, no duping on the main Zagat website.

To say the least, I’m not trusting Google+ for reviews at the moment. Going directly to review websites is more reliable. I did send a comment to Google+ of what I noticed in case there is a bug or error. Curious to see if it submits to a black hole.