That Darn Bon Chon

7 01 2011

Bon Chon - Fried Wings and Drumsticks

Fried Wings and Drumsticks

Boy Bon Chon, you should learn how to use your resources better. You tell me when I sat down that it takes 30 mins to cook the Korean fried chicken. That’s cool.. only if it came out hot! If you make me wait that long, there should be steam coming out when I bite into those famous Bon Chon Korean Chicken Wings! Why are you so famous? I don’t get it. Bon Chon, I don’t know if you realize that there are a few people that can taste how old your oil is. You need to recycle that oil in your fry-o-later more often. I’m sorry but your sauce cannot mask that taste from my sensitive tongue. Also, if you’re not going to time the chicken combo to come out all around hot, why don’t you bring out what’s cooked first? You know, bring out the wings when it’s ready instead of it just sitting there for the drumsticks. OK, you’re not the one eating it, but I am! Maybe you should go over to KFC and see how they keep all their meats hot at the same temp.

Bon Chon - Hotate Kaiyaki

Hotate Kaiyaki

Oh, and please tell me what type of cheese you use for your hotate kaiyaki. You told me it’s suppose to taste like spoiled food so now I’m curious if it’s the type of cheese that you use. Maybe it’s an acquired taste? Majority of the peepz at the table thought there was something wrong with it too though. So be honest Bon Chon.. what is it?

I do have another question for you Bon Chon. Do you fry your Hamachi Kama? Is it not true that this appetizer is suppose to be grilled? It sure came out quick. Something is wrong when it comes out quick and DRY! There was no juice in this yellowtail collar what so ever. You totally destroyed this delectable dish my dear! When this all cooled down, guess what Bon Chon – that narrow section was hard as a rock. Who are you trying to fool?

Come on Bon Chon, did you intentionally not put much on your website so that I can’t find the names of the dishes that I can’t remember the names to and smack talk about? I do thank you for at least putting up your address and phone number.

OK fine, you don’t want me to talk about your food anymore. Then, can you explain to me why you have to fire all the food at once? Do you like playing Tetris and see how you can put all the dishes on the table without me having to hold my plate to eat? I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. Thank you for allowing me to lose my etiquette to stack dishes so that everything will fit on the table. Actually, why didn’t you tell us that maybe we ordered way too much food? Is all you care about is racking up the bill and have us doggie bag the leftovers? Then again, if we didn’t order that much, I wouldn’t be so firm that Bon Chon have lots of room for improvement. Till then, don’t expect me to come visit you Bon Chon. There are other Korean restaurants in Boston that I can go to, you know, for better Korean food.