Clay Pot Rice

4 05 2014

ImageEvery now and then, I get asked how to cook clay pot rice. Put rice in a clay pot and cook it! OK, the first step is to throw away your rice cooker. If you never cooked rice on a stove top before, it’s going to be hard to explain. It’s really just using a claypot instead of any other pot to cook rice. Personally, I prefer stove top rice over rice cooker rice. I never bought a rice cooker. I don’t own a rice cooker.

ImageIf you enjoy steamed food, you put your raw ingredients into the clay pot after the boil when you don’t see the water line anymore. If you like sauteed, stir fry your ingredients first. Turn down the heat to the middle range. After 15 or so minutes, turn the heat down to low range. After another 10 or so minutes, your pot is ready.

The amount of water is dependent on the type of rice you use. So refer to your box/bag.

The exact time is relevant to your stove and pot. Learn your pot and stove to make it perfect. It usually takes me a couple tries to get it right on a unfamiliar stove.