The Burger Shack

24 10 2012

As I ventured in the URI area, I stumbled upon a plaza of eateries. After walking through, the verdict was to try The Burger Shack down in Kingston, Rhode Island.

Neat little self service burger joint with Chalk Board style menu above the ordering counter. Besides burgers, there are other options such as wrap and salad. They have a soda fountain and bottled water as beverage choices. All their burgers comes with fries.

This joint is rather pricey for self serve. $6.99 for a hamburger. They use shredded lettuce for the burgers which I thought was weird. At least, it tasted good from the grill. Since the price included fries, does that justify that fries doesn’t have to be fresh? The french fries was basically room temperature. I ate one piece and that was the end of that.

Finished my food and tossed out the trash to end my journey in Kingston, RI. The Burger Shack is a tad cheaper and better than Five Guys Burgers and Fries.




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